The sales and service Department of KAMAZ PTC summed up the results of work for 2019 and outlined plans for 2020.

The Russian market of trucks with a total weight of more than 14 tons last year amounted to 63.5 thousand units (data on vehicle registrations). In 2019, KAMAZ sold 35.5 thousand trucks, of which 30.5 thousand trucks were delivered to the Russian market, and more than 5 thousand cars were exported. Among the main export markets in 2019 are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. In 2020, the maximum number of KAMAZ vehicles will also be delivered to these countries, while Vietnam is expected to increase its share in the structure of KAMAZ’s export deliveries. During the year, the company expects to deliver more than 1,300 cars to this country.

The share of KAMAZ in the Russian market of trucks with a total weight of more than 14 tons increased comparing to 2018 and amounted to 44.2 percent. In addition, at the end of last year, the share of KAMAZ in the segment of mainline tractors increased to 23%. GAZPROM, Russian networks, ITECO – Russia, Rosneft, AM GROUP, etc. are among the major corporate clients of KAMAZ that have been actively adding vehicles based on KAMAZ chassis to their fleets in the past year.

In 2019, KAMAZ introduced its new key models to the market – the KAMAZ-54901 truck and the KAMAZ-5490 gas-diesel truck with automatic transmission. At the same time, several K5 – KAMAZ-54901 generation cars were transferred to customers for test operation, after which the manufacturer received feedback. Now the trucks are being refined taking into account the wishes of consumers. In 2020, KAMAZ plans to introduce new versions of truck tractors, some of which are currently under testing.

A lot of work has also been done to develop maintenance of KAMAZ trucks. In particular, an electronic queue was introduced to register for the service, which allowed to minimize downtime of cars waiting in the queue, time to ensure the availability of necessary spare parts and consumables, and time to configure the flow of equipment delivery. Control of routine maintenance has been significantly strengthened, the process of processing applications in the service has been simplified and accelerated, and errors in registration have been minimized. Work was carried out to repair and expand warehouses in Nizhny Novgorod, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-don, Noginsk, etc.

In accordance with the plan, KAMAZ is to sell 35,709 vehicles in 2020, of which 29,000 units will be delivered to the Russian market and 6,709 to foreign markets. It is predicted that the company’s share in the Russian truck market will reach 46%.



A batch of grain carriers on the KAMAZ-65207 chassis was delivered to the TransMorFlot LLC shipping company.

Vehicles for transportation of grain crops 68905-521002-87 on the KAMAZ-65207-1002-87 chassis with an updated body manufactured by SpetsAvtoKam LLC were delivered in the amount of 11 units. The truck, which is very popular today, was introduced to the market in 2018 and received excellent reviews from carriers of grain and other crops.

The truck is equipped with a Daimler OM457LA engine (Euro-5) with an exhaust gas aftertreatment system (AdBlue), a ZF 16S2220 gearbox, and air-driven drive axles. Platform increased rigidity, has a volume of 32 cubic meters and is equipped with an awning frame with a winder and a fixed platform. For a more snug fit, the sides of the platform have rubber seals.

The internal size of the platform made of 09G2S steel grade is 7200x2460x1800 mm. Board constipation — mechanical with manual opening. Hydraulic platform lifting device driven by a pump through a power take-off. Electropneumatic lift is controlled right from the cab.

The steel on-board platform of the box type, at the request of the customer, can be performed in two versions: with two or three side boards. It is also possible to produce boards using steel with a thickness of 2 mm or 3 mm.




The final meeting was held in KAMAZ PTC, where the results of the company’s production and financial activities in 2019 and the tasks for 2020 were announced. Reports were made by Deputy General Directors in various areas of activity.

As reported by the first Deputy General Director of KAMAZ – Executive Director Yuri Gerasimov, in 2019, the company produced 34,705 KAMAZ vehicles. Yuri Gerasimov also noted the successful results of work on the development of the KAMAZ Production system and improving the quality of products. It was possible to achieve a reduction in the car defect rate (ARA), reduce the level of losses from marriage. In 2019, KAMAZ PTC was recognized as the winner of the competition for the Russian Government’s quality award. This is the highest award in the field of quality in Russia, which is awarded for the introduction of new management technologies, organizational and technological solutions, and for results in the field of product and service quality.

According to Rustam Shamsutdinov, Deputy General Director for sales and service of KAMAZ, in 2019, 30.5 thousand KAMAZ vehicles were sold on the Russian market, and more than 5 thousand units of vehicles were exported.

In 2019, the first K5 generation cars – KAMAZ-54901-were transferred to the partners for test operation. The feedback from the first customers was received, and the cars are being modified according to the wishes of consumers. Work has been carried out to bring new models of trailers and semi-trailers to the market. In connection with the demand noted at the end of last year, in 2020 it is planned to increase the production and sales of trailer equipment of the auto giant’s subsidiaries in Bashkiria –NEFAZ and TZA.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are among the key export markets in 2019. In 2020, the maximum number of KAMAZ vehicles will also be delivered to these countries, while Vietnam is expected to increase its share in the structure of KAMAZ’s export deliveries. During the year, the company plans to deliver more than 1,300 cars to this country.

Deputy General Director KAMAZ. –Director Business Development Irek Gumerov told about the results of work on expanding the model range and new products of KAMAZ vehicles. At the international exhibition of commercial vehicles COMTRANS-2019 in Moscow – one of the most important events for Russian automakers – the company demonstrated 14 new models of vehicles. The main exhibit was the KAMAZ-54901 car as the first model of the K5 generation truck line. Also among the company’s new products were presented KAMAZ-5490 NEO 2, electric bus KAMAZ-6282, passenger bus KAMAZ-4299, a unique car KAMAZ-Arctic, and other innovative equipment.

Among the main scientific and technical goals of the company for the current year – preparation for the production of heavy family car K5, development of gas-engine KAMAZ R6, expansion of the model range of cars generation K4 gas fuel, the development of the electric bus with improved performance. In addition, it is planned to develop a KAMAZ-54901 with a gas engine, a Euro-6 engine, as well as a KAMAZ-54901 in a gas-diesel version and with a High Tech level of equipment.

Nikolay Pronin, Deputy General Director for passenger transport of KAMAZ, told about the results of the work and plans for 2020 in this area. According to the results of 2019, the growth of KAMAZ passenger transport volumes amounted to 45%. Sales are expected to increase by 54% in 2020. At the end of last year, the Russian bus market decreased. However, the share of NEFAZ buses increased by 9% against the background of a decrease in the share of competitors ‘ products.

Deliveries of electric buses continued successfully within the framework of cooperation with Mosgortrans. In general, there is a demand for passenger vehicles of KAMAZ PТC, and the company intends to develop this direction. The plans are to launch new products to the market, including the NEFAZ 5299-40-57 city bus using liquefied natural gas, NEFAZ 5299-37-57 intercity bus using compressed natural gas in a new look, the restyled NEFAZ 5299-30-57 semi-low-floor bus, the NEFAZ 4299-30-52 mid-class bus, the KAMAZ-6282 articulated electric bus, and the NEFAZ-6299 articulated bus.

Summing up the meeting, Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ PТC, noted that KAMAZ, as a modern, customer-oriented enterprise, will continue working on major projects that will make it possible to take another step in modernizing production and expanding the range of products. The main task of the team for 2020, the head of the company called the launch of the KAMAZ-54901 car on the market and work on the development of the K5 generation truck line.