A test drive of the latest KAMAZ-54901 main tractor was held in Nizhny Novgorod city.

KAMAZ continues to acquaint the regions with the first representative of the latest generation of K5 – KAMAZ-54901. Earlier, a test drive of this truck with great success was held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. Similar to other cities, the KAMAZ novelty aroused great interest in Nizhny Novgorod.

The potential consumers were given the opportunity to get into the driver’s seat and find themselves behind the wheel driving at the Nizhny Novgorod Autodrome (about 3 minutes were allocated for each drive-through), as well as learn all the detailed information about the car from KAMAZ specialists. Customers were interested in technical innovations that allowed the truck to become even more reliable and efficient, as well as in the terms of a special service contract.

Despite the fact that serial production of KAMAZ-54901 will start next year only, the truck is already in high demand among transport companies. Interesting to note that during the international exhibition COMTRANS-2019 the intention of customers to purchase a total of 2,300 cars in 2020 and 1,000 cars in 2021 was declared. 



In the framework of the COMTRANS 2019 international exhibition of commercial vehicles PTC KAMAZ and Michelin signed an agreement on strategic partnership.

Accoring to the agreement Michelin will act as a global partner of KAMAZ in achieving the best cost of owning a fleet (Total Cost of Ownership). The flagship of the KAMAZ-54901 the latest fifth-generation truck range will be equipped with the MICHELIN X Multi Energy Z&D and MICHELIN X Line Energy Z2 & D2 high-tech tires, providing the lowest cost of ownership and high fuel economy.

“Today, in order to lead in a competitive market, the consumer needs to offer the best. In the production of KAMAZs of the K5 generation, we make the most of the latest developments and technologies, both our own and the world’s leading automakers. Therefore, it is rational that when choosing “shoes” for our KAMAZ-54901 flagship, we turned to one of the leaders in this area – the Michelin company, which offers the best solution,” said Sergey Kogogin, the Director General of KAMAZ PTC after the signing.

“A long-standing strategic partnership connects us with the KAMAZ Group of Companies: we are united by a number of common values, one of them is customer orientation. We are pleased to bring collaboration to a new level and to offer the best solution today – the energy-saving X Multi Energy Z&D and MICHELIN X Line Energy tires to equip the KAMAZ-54901 flagship model. These tires are part of the unique comprehensive offer for the fleet management and business profitability. Together with KAMAZ Group of Companies we are testing a number of innovative services and solutions for the fleet, and we are confident that within the framework of our cooperation we will be able to implement interesting technological solutions, becoming even more attractive for our customers,” commented Vansan Rousse-Rouvier, the Senior Vice President of the Truck and Bus Tires Department.

According to the partners’ intention, the use of MICHELIN tires at KAMAZ should increase the profitability of the activities of motor companies specializing in long-haul transport, as well as increase the productivity of vehicles.



The leader of the Russian truck industry KAMAZ PTC is a regular participant at the Comtrans International Exhibition of commercial vehicles. The anniversary exposition, prepared by the company for its 50th anniversary, clearly traces the past, present and future of the Russian truck industry. In total, about 40 units of KAMAZ vehicles including many new products were presented.


One of the primary exhibits was the KAMAZ-54901 main tractor with a fundamentally new K5 generation cab. This is a bright flagship for long-haul transport, combining an attractive exterior with the highest performance, safety and comfort. The truck cab with a flat floor and a width of 2500 mm meets all modern requirements. When it was created ergonomics, convenience and driver comfort were the major focus. 

It’s dynamics and familiarity with the car in motion maximally conveys all the advantages of the KAMAZ novelty: the way the truck behaves on the road is comparable to driving a regular car. The truck is equipped with a new automated gearbox, a completely new type of KAMAZ engine – in-line P6, which corresponds to the best world analogues in its class. The fuel supply is increased to 1400 liters and the service intervals up to 120,000 km.

Another completely new development in terms of design is KAMAZ-6355 with an 8×8 wheel arrangement, known as KAMAZ-Arctic. The all-terrain vehicle is designed to operate in the Far North and the Arctic at temperatures below 50-60 degrees Celsius. The machine is equipped with a P6 power unit and a K5 cab, as well as an automatic transmission. The key feature of the KAMAZ-Arctic all-terrain vehicle is the articulated frame: the car does not turn at the expense of the wheels, but at the expense of the “breaking” frame. Special, wide tires are another touch to the portrait of the KAMAZ-Arctic all-terrain vehicle. With their help the problem of cross-country ability is solved in special climatic conditions and on unstable soils: in wetlands, in the tundra and firn snow.

The exhibition also presented the updated KAMAZ-5490 NEO 2 main tractor. In the new version of the truck, tested by time and consumers for regional and long-haul transportation, it was possible to achieve an increased level of comfort in the cab. In addition, the truck has a new reinforced front axle and load control on the drive axle. Service intervals increased up to 100,000 km.

The NEFAZ-93341-0300205-08 triaxial curtain semi-trailer also deserves special attention. It is designed to transport various goods on public roads. The length of the semitrailer is increased to 16.5 meters, which, coupled with a biaxial tractor, allows maximum use of the permissible restrictions on the length of the road train (20 meters). Due to the increased length, the net volume of the platform has grown to 110 cubic meters and the number of Europallets transported grew up to 40 units and the carrying capacity up to 31800 kg. You can load from the back, side, or top.