New refrigerator semi-trailer


At NEFAZ, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Bashkortostan, the production of a new model of a semi-trailer refrigerator has been mastered, which ensures efficient transportation of cargoes with observance of a given temperature regime.

According to the KAMAZ trade and finance company, the NEFAZ-93341-5300314 refrigerated semi-trailer has high consumer qualities, low weight and meets modern requirements: it has a lightweight chassis frame structure, is equipped with the Wabco brake system, and the Aspock electrical equipment set.

The van is made of a metal frame, and the walls are made of special sandwich panels. The thickness of the side walls is 65 mm, the floor panels – 121 mm. The walls and roof of the van on the outside and inside are protected with fiberglass sheets, as an insulation, extruded polystyrene foam is used.

To maintain the desired temperature, the refrigerator is equipped with Thermo King refrigerators. The temperature is regulated by the control panel, which is mounted on the side of the van.

The main advantage of the novelty is the use of fiberglass instead of traditional metal. Fiberglass has a higher resistance to aggressive media (it is not susceptible to rotting, corrosion), there are no residual deformations during impacts.

The combination of a fiberglass van and a lightweight frame made of imported steel made it possible to achieve a reduction in the weight to 8220 kg, which is one of the best indicators in the class.

The presentation of the new semi-trailer refrigerator was held on July 9 as part of the dynamic display of KAMAZ’s innovations in Kazan. Visitors appreciated the consumer qualities and design features of the novelty.

Crew of Andrey Karginov wins Silk Way Rally-2018


“Gear box changeover on Dmitry Sotnikov’s truck was done the whole night, works finished only at 5 a.m. and the truck could drive for a test. Similar situation was with Anton Shibalov’s truck, on which the coupling was changed during the night and the crew also went for a test drive only in the morning. On other trucks works finished earlier and all helped to Dima’s and Anton’s crews”, – this is how the shop manager of KAMAZ-master Team Stanislav Pogozhikh commented today’s night. Many times night mechanics performed a miracle and recovered trucks for the start, when everyone thought that things are screwed up. And today’s morning traditionally unslept mechanics sent six ready race trucks to the last start of Silk Way Rally-2018.

Due to the rain, keeping up the whole night, organizers decided to shorten the special stage because of impassible frod on the 105th kilometer of the stage. So, instead of planned 191 kilometers contestants had to overcome only 80. But in rally-raids you can’t predict a result, therefore these 80 kilometers kept fans, organizers and sportsmen on tenterhooks.

Martin Van Den Brink became the winner of the last piece of the race, “bringing” a minute and a half to Nikolaev, who took the second position. Sotnikov finished third – he lost two and a half minutes. Karginov showed the fifth best time, being five minutes ahead of Van Den Brink, but victory in the whole race is much more important – the first victory of Andrey in the Silk Way Rally!

Already in the evening all contestants, that had passed 7 days of the most challenging special sections from Astrakhan to Moscow, were awaited at the podium in the Red Square and everyone who finished the race, despite taken positions, could get his “part” of applause and drive onto the famous finish podium of the race. Fans, partners, sponsors, friends and relatives – all came tonight to the Red Square to congratulate the winner of Silk Way Rally-2018 Andrey Karginov. Having missed a year due to the trauma, Andrey showed a firm and uncompromising fight and was justly rewarded with the golden tiger – SWR winner’s symbol. The second place and the silver tiger went to Airat Mardeev, Anton Shibalov drove third to the ceremonial finish. Young karters also came to congratulate the team with the victory. Winning the journey to the SWR finish on all-Russian karting competitions for KAMAZ-master cup, which had been held on 9 and 10 June 2018, Nikolay Shakshin took part in the award ceremony and  could shake hands with winners of the Silk Way Rally.

 Sergey Savostin – leader of KAMAZ-master Team on the Silk Way Rally:

“First of all I would like to thank our partners, those who helped us to prepare our vehicles, those who are with us for a long time and those who are with us since recently. Many thanks to our partners, our fans supporting us. Without that it wouldn’t even be interesting to carry on. Special thanks to KAMAZ Publicity Traded Company, which makes trucks, which is always together with us. Many thanks to everyone! Thisweek our team had plenty of work. Race is always followed with hard work: these are night works and daytime works on the route. Crews put out all strength, put out all strength the service group that was preparing trucks for the next day. We solved many questions on this race, some need development, but main issues are clear, we will continue our preparation for Dakar”.

Andrey Karginov – pilot of crew No309:

“We are very happy that we could win. I missed a year, was out of competitions. It was very hard to watch on the sidelines at your friends, other teams, how they compete, I am a sportsman in my heart and wanted to get behind a wheel sooner. Our crew won at Dakar in 2014, at Africa Eco Race in 2017, but Silk Way Rally has always been “unconquerable top” for us, now we took it. The new truck performed very well, we are getting used to the truck, after all it is a new chassis, new engine – we have to get accustomed to the truck, what you actually can do endlessly”.

Airat Mardeev – pilot of crew No303:

“The main target for us was to test the new truck, which we just managed to assemble before our departure. To develop it into the race condition, test gear box. We already have an understanding which trucks will go to Dakar and this race helped us a lot. Unfortunately, there were technical problems on this Silk Way, which didn’t allow compete for the first position. Rivals are incredibly strong, we all know one another. I am very happy for Andrey – after a year of a break, victory in the international rally is very important for him. He had a fast pace, he recovered completely, I think on the upcoming Dakar rivals will have a tough time”.

Anton Shibalov – pilot of crew No306:

“Organizers tried to find interesting, challenging tracks. The race lasted only seven days, but the route turned out a real marathon. Feelings after the race are only positive, I can say we drove at one breath. In the beginning our target was to cover others, we drove as a fast assistance, but during the race situation has changed, and, let’s say, we were given freedom”.

 Sergey Kuprianov – pilot of crew No311:

“It was narrow and scary on the last kilometers. Somewhere there were such cliffs on each side, that we tried to go literally “below our breath”not to do some mistakes the last day. Most of all in the race I liked that every day was absolutely different  from the previous one: the place looked the same, and tracks must have been familiar but no… The same as the route, and our own state and the state of tracks. A lot was was pressed into these seven days. Most difficult was to “roll in”, feel the new truck on terrain of the central part. The main difference of our truck with gas-and diesel cycle is that it adds power when it is needed. When you need your truck to speed up, gas helps a lot. Diesel requires good rotation, spinup, here you can do the same at low rpm. The same jerk, needed at the last moment, it is what gas gives you apart from economy and ecology”.

General Classification:

1.      Crew № 309 Karginov А. (КАМАZ-master) 25 h 26 min. 12 sec.

2.      Crew № 303 Mardeev А. (КАМАZ-master) + 18 min. 02 sec.

3.      Crew № 306 Shibalov А. (КАМАZ-master) + 1 h 03 min. 29 sec.

4.      Crew № 311 Kuprianov S. (КАМАZ-master)+ 1 h 51 min. 29 sec.

5.      Crew № 301 Nikolaev E. (КАМАZ-master) + 2 h 19 min. 14 sec.

6.      Crew № 308 Sugawara Т. (HINO TEAM SUGAWARA)  + 3 h 01 min. 35 sec.

7.     Crew № 312 Shkyaev M. (GAZ raid Sport)  + 12 h 32 min. 17 sec.

8.      Crew № 317 Levitskii B. (GAZ raid Sport)    + 13 h 14 min. 10 sec.

9.      Crew № 314 Sugawara Yo. (HINO TEAM SUGAWARA)  + 23 h 00 min. 52 sec.

10.  Crew № 300 Sotnikov D. (КАМАZ-master) + 104 h 59 min. 43 sec.

11.  Crew № 304 Martin Van Den Brink (MAMMOET RALLYE SPORT) + 216 h 27 min. 50 sec.



In the second half of 2017 KAMAZ will launch sales of the upgraded 5490 tractor unit, which will receive a number of design changes. With the modernization the tractor unit index will be supplemented with the word «neo».

KAMAZ-5490 Neo has the following differences from the original model: wheelbase increased by 200 mm (which allowed optimizing the load distribution between axles), reinforced front suspension with maintenance-free silent blocks instead of bushings and flat top of rear wings (helps to avoid contact with the semitrailer).

The basic version of KAMAZ-5490 Neo is equipped with fuel tank of 695 liters. At the customer’s request the fuel reserve can be increased to 1095 liters due to the additional fuel tank capacity of 400 liters, installed instead of the spare wheel holder on the tractor unit frame.

KAMAZ-5490 Neo will be still equipped with diesel engines Daimler OM457LA capacity of 401 or 428 HP, combined with 16-speed ZF manual gear box or 12-speed automatic gear box of the same manufacturer.

KAMAZ-5490 has been manufactured since 2013. This is the first joint product of KAMAZ and the German Daimler AG.