KAMAZ leased 500 trucks to ITECO


KAMAZ leased 500 prime movers KAMAZ-5490 and trailers to LTD “ITEKO Russia” transport company from Nizhny Novgorod for the amount of more than 3 billion rubles.

The client has been using leasing from the manufacturer for several years: cooperation between the two companies began in 2014. The Company-lessee is a corporate client of KAMAZ PJSC and the first major operator of KAMAZ-5490. After the implementation of the first batch, the designers of the auto giant, based on the wishes of the client, made a number of improvements to the design of the car.⠀

KAMAZ-5490 cars, which have become the subject of leasing, are the latest gas-diesel tractors, fully complying with the environmental standard “Euro-5”. KAMAZ trucks are equipped with a two-fuel engine power system, which allows to reduce the cost of transportation due to lower consumption of diesel fuel and reduce environmental pollution. The aggregate base of the cars includes a reliable 16-speed manual transmission ZF and Daimler economical hypoid rear axle. For driver comfort, the cabin is equipped with air conditioning and Eberspaecher cabin heater.

ITECO has its head office in Nizhny Novgorod and is one of the five largest transport companies in the country. Works in the market of road transport since 2004 and has branches in more than 60 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. After the acquisition of the next batch of equipment, the number of KAMAZ-5490 vehicles in the company increased to 1700 units. ITECO Russia plans to further increase the share of gas-engine equipment to 50% of the total number of vehicles. This is due to the pricing policy of oil companies, as well as the efficiency and environmental friendliness of gas use.



The traditional two-day technical conference was held at KAMAZ, which was attended by managers and quality experts from manufacturers of special equipment on the KAMAZ chassis.

The conference was opened by the Director of Quality of KAMAZ PJSC Anton Saraykin. Welcoming the participants of the event, he noted the importance of the annual dialogue of the parties to improve the quality of products.

The central place in the program of the first day was taken by the report of the deputy director of the quality department Alexander Abramenko “The main directions of development of the Quality Management System of KAMAZ PJSC for 2019”. Also, topical issues of quality were touched in their speeches by representatives of KAMAZ plants and divisions, covering all major areas from production to delivery and paying particular attention to the quality of the chassis and power units. In particular, Viktor Loskutov, Deputy Director of the Press-Frame Plant for Technical Control, told about events aimed at improving the quality of paint coatings on KAMAZ chassis.

In turn, the important issues were identified by representatives of partnering organizations. Among them are those who have long-term cooperation with KAMAZ: Galichsky and Klintsy crane plants, Krasnogorsk plant of caravans and others.

On the second day the conference participants visited the automobile, press-frame plants and the engine plant, where they saw the changes that had occurred at the KAMAZ production sites over the past year.

All voiced problems are reflected in the final protocol of the conference. In the near future, action plans will be developed for each of the areas. So, for example, it was decided to pay special attention to the stages of delivery and transferring of KAMAZ vehicles, analysis of technical processes during installation of special superstructures and other issues. Participants of the technical conference agreed to evaluate the effectiveness of the event in a year.

 4 crews will represent the KAMAZ-master team at the Silk Way Rally 2019


The international “Silk Way Rally 2019. Russia-Mongolia-China” rally-marathon starts on July 6 in Irkutsk. This year KAMAZ-master team will be represented at the international race by crews of Andrey Karginov, Anton Shibalov, Ayrat Mardeev and Sergey Kupriyanov. In addition, the traditional Russian-Chinese crew will perform on KAMAZ sports truck, its members will be announced later.

The preparation of the team for the July start of the Silk Way Rally is already in its full swing. It includes the introduction and debugging of new technical solutions, crews training, including testing new candidates for the position of navigators and mechanics. In addition, it is planned to participate in a number of competitions, the first of which in the new season will be the stage of the Russian Championship “Gold of Kagan”, which will be held in late April in Astrakhan.