KAMAZ takes part in the exhibition of BAUMA CCT RUSSIA-2019 construction equipment, which is taking place these days in Moscow at the “Crocus Expo” international exhibition center. The leader of the Russian trucks manufacturing industry is an active participant of this international event every year. This year, the specialists of the KAMAZ Trade and financial company presented a number of new equipment on the KAMAZ chassis:

1. Dump trucks of the increased loading capacity:

– KAMAZ-6580-S5 – 6×4 wheel formula. The truck will be presented with a new tipper body with a volume of 16 cubic meters. A distinctive feature of the car is a lightweight dump truck platform with molded side boards, which allowed to increase the load capacity of the dump truck to 25.5 tons.

– KAMAZ-65802-S5 – all-terrain dump truck KAMAZ-65802 (6×6) is designed to transport bulk cargo on roads of poor quality and off-road and is equipped with a 16-cubic dump truck platform made of wear-resistant steel with heating.

– KAMAZ-65801-T5 – (8×4) with a new dump body with a volume of 19.2 cubic meters. This car has a side unloading on the left side and the lower left side with hydraulic locking, which will allow the driver to unload the truck without leaving the cabin.

2. Gas-diesel truck tractor KAMAZ-5490 NEO – a Model of a new generation of trucks of “Euro-5” standard, allowing its owners to save on fuel up to 500 000 rubles per year with a mileage of 185 000 km. Serious savings are achieved due to the gas-diesel power system, which allows you to work in both diesel and gas-diesel modes.


3. Mixer truck ABS 5814Y9-01 on the KAMAZ-6540 chassis, which has the optimum dimensions, low noise level and exhaust through the use of the actuator of the mixing drum from the engine chassis. Concrete mixer truck allows you to carry up to 9 cubic meters of the finished mixture without overloading, which is an undeniable advantage of this car.

Russia transferred the United Nations dozens of KAMAZ trucks in Dubai


On May 21, 2019, 97 KAMAZ trucks and 30 trailers from the Russian Federation were handed over to the UN World Food Programme (WFP). Such a donation will allow the humanitarian organization to increase their logistics resources.
The acquisition of new transport is another important milestone in the historical and long-term partnership between the Russian Federation and WFP in the field of logistics technologies. The new KAMAZ Trucks will contribute to the efficiency of the three regional WFP centres, namely in the UAE, Ghana and Uganda.

The handover of the first batch of 37 vehicles took place in the morning of 21st May at the United Nations humanitarian response Depot in International Humanitarian City, Jebel Ali, Dubai. The ceremony was attended by high-ranking representatives of EMERCOM of Russia, International Humanitarian City and WFP.
“The Russian Federation has generously supported our truck fleet for the third time after donations in 2011 and 2014. Trucks and trailers of KAMAZ allowed the runway to increase the operational transport resource and significantly improve the efficiency of the emergency response system,” said Majid Yahya, Director of the runway in the UAE and representative in the Persian Gulf region. “Since their registration in the runway centers, they have transported more than 350 thousand metric tons on the most difficult routes numbering more than 6.5 million kilometers. Without them, the delivery of food aid to those in need and the provision of support to the humanitarian community would be much more difficult and costly.”
“On behalf of our beneficiaries and the global humanitarian community, we are very grateful to the Russian Federation and KAMAZ for this valuable partnership and generous support,” he added.



NEFAZ, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in the Republic of Bashkortostan, has mastered the production of new models of trailed equipment.

One of the novelties is the main semitrailer NEFAZ-93341-0300203-08. In accordance with the wishes of major carriers of the Russian Federation, the new version of the semi-trailer received axial units SAF (Germany) with disc brakes, and the front axle lift mechanism was excluded from the configuration, which allowed to maintain a competitive price.

As it was explained by the specialists of the “KAMAZ” Trade and Financial company, the platform of the semi-trailer is made with a rigid front metal wall with shockproof protection, side boards in the form of three racks with wooden beams and rear swing gates. Easy-to-assemble tent frame provides high strength at low weight. The curtain design allows to minimize loading and unloading time, and also to facilitate work of the driver. The sides and roof of the semi-trailer are shifted without disassembling the structure, both together and separately⠀

The second novelty – an upgraded version of the bestseller, dump trailer NEFAZ-8560-02. According to the results of consumer surveys, the novelty received a reinforced platform design: the thickness of the side boards increased up to 2.0 mm, the front and rear sides are made in the form of a solid wall with a thickness of 3 mm.

The complex of these improvements increases the rigidity and durability of the trailer dump platform. The trailer is intended for transportation of grain and other agricultural cargoes, including mineral fertilizers. It allows to carry up to 15 cubic meters of cargo.