The birthplace of KAMAZ-Mazter team


Do you know where the birthplace of KAMAZ-Master is?

That’s right, our hometown is Naberezhnye Chelny, the Republic of Tatarstan. Here the KAMAZ-Master team is based, high-tech trucks are created, pilots are prepared for competitions.
In 2007, team’s got its own building and before moving to the current sports center we huddled in a tight corner of the scientific and technical center of KAMAZ.

Unmanned KAMAZ truck launched at the «Listvyazhnaya» mine in the framework of the «Digital mining enterprise» innovative project


Unmanned KAMAZ truck launched at the «Listvyazhnaya» mine in the framework of the «Digital mining enterprise» innovative project. Its result should be the creation of an entire system of unmanned transportation of coal in the Kuzbass by December 2020. «I drove in the cab of this KAMAZ, which controls itself independently», – shared his impressions the Deputy Governor of Kuzbass for Industry, Transport and Ecology Andrey Panov, calling the trip unusual and comparing the feeling with the realities of the future.

The system of autonomous driving in the KAMAZ-43118 makes it possible to transport cargo without drivers or increase working time due to the active driver assistance system, saving operating costs, eliminating the human factor.

The list of functions of the truck – adaptive cruise control with the «stop and go» function, intelligent speed limit, automated traffic, obstacle avoidance, assistance in changing lanes, cruise control with response to terrain and much more. The truck is able to overtake with further restructuring, traffic on road signs, travel intersections.

The vehicle control unit consists of four multi-megapixel machine vision cameras, four lidars, two radars, four inertial assemblies, two high-precision satellite navigation receivers, a 16-channel sonar sensor system and other equipment. Machine vision provides the probability of building and performing a safe route at the level of at least 99.99%.

Test operation of the latest technology will continue until the end of January 2020.

There are no analogues in the world: KAMAZ-54907 CONTINENT


There are no analogues in the world: KAMAZ-54907 CONTINENT is a prototype of the K6 family. It continues the line of vehicles of the new family, but brings it to a completely different technological level.

The new truck is an energy-efficient long haul prime mover. KAMAZ-54907 is a hybrid truck with an electric engine that allows to go for tens of kilometers. It is planned that the truck will be used when moving in the factory and warehouses (it has no exhaust), as well as when going up in a mountain or skidding (fuel economy). The truck has a P6 engine with reduced fuel consumption-less than 25 liters per 100 kilometers.

The truck is designed for one driver. There is only one seat in the cabin, and this frees up a huge amount of space for a comfortable life of the driver inside the vehicle.

In the cabin there is a refrigerator, microwave and multicooker (integrated into the overall interior), washbasin, mirror, safe with a combination lock, a bed of superior comfort.

The dashboard is an LCD-display which has all the necessary indicators. It is complemented with a touch screen with a diagonal of 15.5 inches. It is the on-Board system of the truck, which implements various features: navigation, Internet surfing, watching videos, listening to audio, clock, weather forecast, power reserve, fuel balance, time before the next servicing and much more.

There is no mirrors in the truck, cameras replace them, screens are located within the cabin.

KAMAZ-54907 has a third degree of autonomy, that is, the vehicle can go straight by itself, independently adjusting from lane to lane, steering is not necessary.