KAMAZ-master team’s crew won the 8th stage of the Dakar-2020 Rally


Andrey Karginov’s crew won the 8th stage of the Dakar-2020 Rally. He finished it in 4 hours, 24 minutes, 58 seconds. Anton Shibalov who lost 5 minutes 54 seconds is in the second place. Czech Ales Loprais finished third in the Praga V4S DKR (+00: 09:06).

In the overall standings, Karginov is in the lead, which increased the gap from Shibalov to 27 minutes 6 seconds. Sergey Vyazovich (MAZ, Belarus), who is in third place, concedes more than an hour.

Dakar 2020 — the 7th stage


The 7th stage of the Dakar 2020 Rally, the Riyadh — Wadi Al-Dawasir route was completed recently, where 3 of KAMAZ-Master crews became leaders in the trucks standings:
1. Andrey Karginov (result — 05:01:02)
2. Dmitry Sotnikov (+0:03)
3. Anton Shibalov (+2:05)

Congratulations to the KAMAZ-master team and keep watching!

Dakar 2020 — day of rest


On January 11, the participants had a day of rest in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The race will resume jn January 12 with the seventh stage on the Riyadh-Wadi Al-Dawasir route, its length is 741 km, 546 of which will be extreme.

The longest route of the marathon will take place in the dunes and off-road in the direction of the South-West, where the navigators will have to show their experience.