KAMAZ 63968 TYPHOON – Russian multi-functional, modular, armoured, MRAP vehicle

KAMAZ Typhoon (Russian – “Камаз-63968 Тайфун”) is a family of Russian multi-functional, modular, armoured, mine resistant MRAP vehicles. The Typhoon family is part of Russia’s Typhoon program.

Technical specifications and performance:

KamAZ-63968 Typhoon Crew: Depends on configuration, up to 16.
Axles: 6×6, two front axles, rear one is subject to the normal weight distribution of machine (cab is very heavy).
Length, mm: 8990 Width, mm: 2550
Height, mm cab: 3120 body/fuselage: 3300 Ground clearance, mm:
Adjustable Turning radius, m: less than 10.0
Lifting angle: 23-30°
Wheel rotation angle: 39°
Tires – 16.00R20, with special Run-flat tire with inserts diverting the blast wave, using an automatic tire inflation pressure level and the change in the tire (1 to 4.5 atm) depending on the road surface.
Curb weight, : 21 tons, gross weight – 24 tons
Maximum speed, km/h: 105
Cruising range, km: 1200
Fuel consumption per 100 km: not more than 35 liters.

Reservations made in accordance with NATO classification STANAG 4569 of level 3b, in which the vehicle can withstand undermining by high-explosive devices weighing 8 kg of TNT under any car seat, as the Russian machine of this kind are made public for the first time and generally accepted standards for the classification of explosions absent. Bulletproof protection corresponds to the fourth level. Combined set of ceramics and steel armor, which protects against armor-piercing bullets of caliber 14,5 × 114 mm. Includes 128,5-129,0 mm thick bulletproof glass with a transparency of 70%, developed by the “Magistral Ltd” and tested at the Research Institute of Steel, withstanding 2 shots spaced at 280–300 mm in the shelling of KPVT with speed of bullet 911 m / s at the instant of contact with the glass. Bulletproof exceed the highest demands on available GOST (GOST R 51136 and GOST R 50963), in which the highest level – a fire of armor-piercing bullets B-32, 7,62 × 54 mm from the SVD. During the production, Magistral LTD focused on western standards level IV STANAG 4569 – guaranteed protection in the shelling of armor-piercing ammunition B-32, 14,5 × 114 mm from a distance of 200 m with a bullet velocity 891–931 m / s. Reservations withstand hit of 30-mm ammunition. There are bullet-proof tires 16.00R20 with explosion inserts diverting the blast wave, with automatic pumping of air and controlled pressure to 4.5 atmospheres. Provided loopholes for firing from small arms, remotely controlled machine gun. Unification with other family cars is 86%.

Seats are equipped with personal weapons holders, seat belts and head restraints. They are attached to the roof module, to reduce the impact of stroke of mines / bombs. Inside the module is installed set for filtering FVUA-100A and air conditioning. On the roof there are escape hatches in case of turning of machines. Dropping made through the ramp at the stern of machine or through a side door.



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